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Borne out of necessity in 2010 from frustration with low quality and overpriced fluids, we formulated ours to provide a consistent and satisfying experience. At first it was only for personal use, but the widespread need for a better product drew us into making it our business and livelihood. We only use the highest quality GRAS, food grade ingredients and never add syrups, sugars, or oil based flavorings to ensure that our fluid will not damage the user’s equipment. Our special combination of skills and differing mindsets has allowed us to make all sorts of flavors that run the gamut from savory to sweet. Check out our complete flavor list, all of which can be offered in an 80PG/20VG Legacy fluid or 35PG/65VG Cloud line.

Chris: The Scientist
Chris was a submarine nuclear reactor operator in the US Navy. Having received thorough training in radiological controls and a little chemistry, he was well equipped to begin making eLiquid when he transitioned to civilian life. In 2011, personal requests for eLiquid were so great that he decided to branch out from just making DIY fluids and start making a living with it. In that time and while building Vapor Select, Chris has acquired Bachelor of Science degrees in biochemistry and molecular biotechnologies, so you can have absolute confidence in our fluid's accuracy and cleanliness.

Steven: The Foodie
Steven was the original "idea man" behind Vapor Select. He was an early adopter for eCigs and was greatly displeased with the quality of eLiquid available in 2010, so he enlisted Chris to design a food-safe cleaner that would keep equipment running longer. This led Steven to ask "Why don't we just make the fluid ourselves?" and things took off from there. He has always had a taste for unique culinary experiences, bringing an exploratory nature to how we create flavors. This led to some quite unique creations that emulate culinary favorites, like our Tiger's Blood flavor.

Daniel: The Fearless Experimenter
Daniel came onboard in 2013 to help keep up with increasing demand, at first just filling and labeling bottles. After a while, he began to experiment with different flavors and found it fascinating. It turns out he's a natural. His keen senses and bold instincts have been crucial to our expansion over the last few years. He's developed many unique creations that are complex and delicious. If we make it and it shocks you but you can’t get enough, Daniel had a hand in it. Check out Peach Italian Soda or Glow Worm for great examples.