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Vapor Select successfully balances the science of making eLiquids with the art of creating flavors for a premium, select vaping experience.

We strive to provide the highest quality product with the most delicious flavors. Each of our flavors is offered in an array of nicotine strengths with either a basic PG fluid or a high VG cloud fluid. Unfortunately, we only sell wholesale to resellers. If you are a retail customer, you're invited to purchase our fluids from Vapor lounge. 12mL Legacy and 30mL Cloud fluids are available there, or we'll be happy to contact your local shop and tell them that you're interested. Just send us a message.

Legacy: 80PG/20VG by volume, available in 12mL and 18mL PET bottles in nicotine strengths of 0.0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%, and 3.6%. This fluid is recommended for users that require a more discreet vape, those that use equipment containing a fiber fill or longer wicks to bring eLiquid to the heating element, or just want smaller puffs with low-powered units compared to today's sub-ohm technology. Many who vape aren't chasing clouds and may just want the nicotine. This is the fluid for them.

Cloud: 30PG/70VG by volume, available in 33mL PET bottles or blue glass in nicotine strengths of 0.0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, and 1.2%. While many companies go for "Max VG" for use in high-powerd gear, we have a different philosophy. After much experimentation, we've found this mixture to be the best for producing large plumes of vapor when used in RDA type setups, but still flows nicely through short cotton wicks and filters like you might see in the popular TFV8 tank setup.

MOQ: We operate under a small-batch, minimal waste process. This allows us to cater to small and large customers alike with very low MOQs that change depending on the bottle size you wish to order. It saves us money on supply cost and proper nicotine waste disposal, allowing us to maintain competitive prices.

How it works: When you make an order, you order a small batch that makes a certain number of bottles with a pre-agreed price. For example, in any given flavor-strength combination, you can get 20 of the 12mL legacy bottles or 12 of the 18mL bottles, but still pay the same price per mL. It's easy and intuitive, plus it keeps costs low so to save you money.