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Don't rush through our extensive list of flavors. Every formula below is documented and available in both Legacy and Cloud fluids, and in all sizes offered for that fluid type. For more distilled lists, use the dropdown menu above for targeted flavor categories or click here.

A full menu can be downloaded here. (12.5 MB)


Flavor Name Flavor Description
Absinthe Wormwood and anise intermingle, providing a sharp black licorice taste and a hint of alcohol.
Acid Fish A mélange of citrus gum flavors splashed against a sweet, sticky berry flavor.
Almond Coconut Crème Coconuts, chocolate and almonds blended and balanced to a point of unique Joy,
Alternatoids The inquisitively potent mint vape.
Apple Butter Cream Cloves, nutmeg, apples and quince blended with milk and vanilla. Perfect with tea.
Apple Pie The old school American classic, captured and transformed into a subtly delicious vape.
Baked Alaska Vanilla ice cream, birthday cake and Italian meringue, slightly chilled to heighten the flavor.
Banana Everyone has it, everyone wants it. The Gros Michel flavor, put in a bottle for your enjoyment.
Banana Cream Traditional banana cut into a sweet vanilla cream.
Banana Crème Pie Banana custard, cream and graham cracker crust.
Banana Nut Bar Banana, peanut butter, pound cake and cinnamon, pressed into a hand held treat.
Banana Split The creamery standard. Vanilla ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream, peanuts.
Bangarang Banana and lemon sorbet, served on a bed of sweet cream.
Banoffee Cream Banana and toffee cream, dusted with powdered sugar and chocolate shavings.
Bavarian Cream A sweet, thick cream with a hint of vanilla and sugar.
Belgian French Toast Eggy bread, syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a mélange of berries.
Berry Compote Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries, muddled with cinnamon, orange and a hint of flowers.
Berry Menthol Mulberries and menthol, decorated with melon slices and a spritz of wintergreen.
Black Cherry A traditional dark cherry flavor, juicy and bold.
Black Slightly tart black grapes, blended with seltzer water, blueberries and a little sugar.
Black Honey Tobacco A mildly sweet cured tobacco, rich and smoky with every vape.
Blackberry Tart blackberries presented on their own for your enjoyment.
Blue Cotton Wisps of caramelized sugar lightly spritzed with raspberry flavor.
Blue Minotaur A sharp and bubbly beverage marked with a sweet peach flavor.
Blue Raspberry Raspberries and spun sugar blended for an easy, uncomplicated vapor.
Blue Raspberry Cotton Cotton candy with the flavor turned up to eleven.
Blue Sour A blueberry-lime ice cream. Not too sweet, not too sour.
Blueberry Tiny blue bubbles of sweet and tart blueberry.
Blueberry Bear Claw Blueberries and spice wrapped in flaky pastry and lightly frosted in vanilla icing.
Blueberry Milkshake Blueberries. Ice Cream. Blended. Simple. Delicious.
Blueberry Rickey Blueberries, mango, and citrus shaken with gin and poured in a highball glass.
Blueberry Win Berries and cream served atop apple slices and dusted with cinnamon.
Blue-Green Granny Smith apples, berries, and spun sugar. It's like nothing you've ever tasted.
Bootlegger's Rum Rum carried aboard a cargo ship for months before being tasted. Rich, spicy and flavorful.
Boulder Avenue A swirl of chocolate tossed with peanuts, almonds and marshmallow.
Boysenberry An earthy, slightly tart berry.
Breakfast Milkshake A variety of perennial cereal favorites blended with vanilla ice cream.
Buttered Rum A cold weather favorite blend of spiced rum and buttery cream.
Buttermint Delicious vanilla and strong mint, creamy and smooth.
Butterscotch Brown sugar, butter, and vanilla cream.
Candy Cane Peppermint and sugar, warmed and spun. A sweet, minty vape.
Caramel Sugar and butter, lightly salted and cooled.
Caramel Apple Tart apple slices drizzled with a rich, sweet caramel.
Caribbean Marsh A banana marshmallow drenched in spiced rum.
Ceylon Cinnamon Cinnamon from the Ceylon region, born of old tradition.
Cheatshake Ultra Strawberries and lemonade with marshmallows blended into vanilla cream.
Cherry Sweetness A mildly tart and sweet cherry flavor blend.
Cherrymintshake A cherry milkshake with a shot of crème de menthe.
Chocolate Grapefruit A curious blend of dark chocolate and grapefruit juice.
Chocolate Hazelnut An Italian chocolate sauce infused with hazelnut, smooth and flavorful.
Chocolate Mint Milk chocolate and crème de menthe, soft and subtle.
Chocolate Softvape A dark chocolate soft serve ice cream flavor.
Chocolate Turtle Caramel, peanuts, and chocolate, all balanced perfectly to tantalize your tongue.
Churro Cinnamon dusted fried rice dough, lightly spiced and served easy to vape.
Circus Peanut A soft orange marshmallow, tossed in sugar. Sweet and simple.
Citrus Soda A mellow yellow citrus flavor, as crisp as dew from a mountain.
Cloudberry A golden raspberry flavor, lightly tossed in pomegranate and cranberry.
Coconut Delight Toasted coconut presented entirely on its own.
Coffee and Cream A cup of coffee with sugar and cream. A diner staple made vapable.
Cola Kola nut, vanilla, and citrus blended into a fizzy, effervescent vape.
Cold Fuzz V2. Peaches, oranges, and jackfruit sorbet, chilled for a delightful, cooling vape.
Deep Fried Berry Berry cereal and cream balanced with berries to emulate a cereal donut.
Cool Vanilla Vanilla and cream, chilled to make a cold, sweet vapor.
Coquito Spiced vanilla, rum and lime juice blended in the perfect cocktail.
Cosmic Rain Raspberries, melons, and stonefruit are perfectly balanced to provide a tart melon flavor.
Cosmo A cranberry vodka swirled with citrus and pomegranate.
Cotton Candy Spun sugar, light and sweet.
Cranberry A tart, red berry.
Cranberry Fritter Cranberries and cinnamon cream, drizzled with caramel and brown sugar.
Cranberry Sunshine Cranberry and orange juice touched by strawberries and vanilla.
Cranberry Tart Vanilla custard, cranberries and graham cracker crust.
Crème de Menthe Creamy mint liqueur.
Cucumber Sherbet Cucumber and juniper berry mixed with citrus sherbet and seltzer water.
Darkest Confections Red velvet fudge sprinkled with cocoa, strawberries, and mint.
Dashboard Concessional A red licorice donut with vanilla frosting.
Dbl Action Choc Cake Layer upon layer of chocolate and cream.
Doctor Brown PhD Candied almonds, tart berries, and black cherries.
Double Chocolate Dark and milk chocolates trade places on the inhale and exhale.
Double Minty Peppermint with spearmint.
Dragonfruit Fleshy white fruit, tart and sweet.
Dragon's Fruit (Formerly Dragon's Breath) A juicy, complex blend of apples, berries and orange.
Earl Grey Tea A sharp bergamot flavor.
Fancy Cheese Man Pistachios and hazelnuts wrapped in cream and raspberries.
Fire In The Night A classic gin cocktail with herbal liquor, lemon and seltzer.
Fireball A very sharp cinnamon.
Frambuesa Horchata Sweetened rice milk, cinnamon and raspberry.
French 75 A gin and champagne cocktail muddled with citrus and sugar.
French Vanilla A modest vanilla flavor accented with hazelnut.
Frozen Banana Bananas drizzled with caramel and marshmallow, dipped in chocolate and rolled in cake crumbs.
Fruit Cake Pineapples, cranberries, apple, and raisins rolled in a rich rum cake.
Fruit Gum Just like a striped fruit gum.
Fruit Punch A tropical juice cocktail.
Gaelic Punch Bourbon and lemon with a hint of clove and sugar.
Geeks Mixed fruits, citrus, sorbet, and vanilla.
Gin Spirit Gin, pomegranate, orange juice, and sugar.
Glamour Blueberry cream and dragonfruit.
Glow Worm Pear-infused lemonade, dragonfruit, and marshmallow.
Gooseberry A sweet, yet tart berry like no other.
Graham Cracker A subtly sweet cracker vape.
Grand Guava Guava, vanilla, and crème brulee.
Grape Escape A sharp, strong concord grape flavor.
Grape Tape Tart grape gum and vanilla sugar.
Grapefruit Breakfast Grapefruit, orange juice, rum, and peppermint candy.
Green Apple Tart green apple candy.
Green Shark Sour lime candy and vanilla sugar.
Guava Kingdom Guava, peppermint, dill, citrus, and berries.
Hair of The Dog Coffee, tequila, cinnamon cream, and bruleed rice pudding.
Harvey Wallbanger Orange liqueur, and vodka with hazelnut crème.
The Hawaiian Pineapple and coconut cream in champagne.
Hazelnut Nutty, smooth and pleasantly roasted hazelnuts.
Honey Bun A soft, sweet cinnamon roll drizzled with honey-sweetened nutmeg icing.
Honey Bunches Honey roasted bran flakes with clusters of oats and toasted almonds.
Honeysuckle A sweet, floral vape modeled after its namesake.
Horchata RELOADED Rice milk with creamy cinnamon and vanilla.
Hypnotic Grapefruit liqueur.
I Don't Knock Strawberries with sour apples and lime.
Island Punch Traditional rum-laced tropical fruit punch.
Italian Riviera A flood of complex flavors that include coffee, rum, orange and banana.
Kettle Corn Simple, yet satisfying caramel coated kettle corn.
Key Lime This lime has a sweeter, more earthy tone than a standard lime.
Kill The Rabbit II Pregnant with possibilities, this is no ordinary creamy strawberry flavor. It's surprisingly robust.
Kiwi A sweet and strong kiwi flavor.
Kiwi and Peach Jelly Kiwi, peaches, and citrus mixed with a tart jelly.
Lemon Bar A childhood favorite toasted and lemon filled treat.
Lemon Jelly Donut This lemon treat is a sweeter version with a strong vanilla donut forefront.
Limeade A favorite old fashioned limeade comes to life with a cooling sensation.
Limoncello A traditional Italian drink, mixing lemon, sugar and vodka.
Madras Spiced rum with oranges and cranberries.
Magic Mint A refreshing mix of vanilla and mint with a touch of coconut.
Malted Milk Simply put, it's malted milk. A sweet cream with a touch of barley malt and wheat.
Mango A ripe Philippine mango inspired flavor that is sure to please.
Maple Donut The balance of maple, sweetness and donut in this flavor is perfect.
Maraschino Cherry Syrup-preserved cherries.
Marastachiomelon Pistachios balanced with melon and cherries.
Margarita Importante Iced citrus liqueurs with tequila.
Marshmallow Delicata Roasted marshmallows and dark chocolate in a Graham cracker crust.
Matcha Sticks Cinnamon, green tea, vanilla, and chocolate.
Maui Waui! A sparkling wine blended with citrus and kiwi.
Melon Crusher Crushed orange and melon blended with ice cream.
Melon Rind A gentle melon flavor with a robust background.
Mimosaberry Rum and blood oranges with berries and mint.
Minthe Crème de menthe smoothes out potent menthol for a cool experience.
Mood Ring Pineapple with key lime and tequila.
Morley This is a traditional tobacco with a robust and ashy quality balanced with mild floral notes.
Moscow Mule Ginger, vodka, and lime with a slightly bubbly feel.
Mud Bud Peanut butter and chocolate on crispy Graham crackers
Mulberry A flavor all its own with a slightly tropical feel that has both sweet and tart qualities.
Nimbus Watermelon lemonade with a secret twist that keeps people guessing.
NY Cheesecake Creamy cheesecake with a heavy vanilla presence and a Graham cracker crust.
O I O A popular chocolate cookie with a creamy filling.
Okinawa Sunrise Vodka with orange, apples, and melon.
Orange Blossom Cake Angelfood cake with a touch of citrus and vanilla frosting.
Orange Cream This nostalgic treat has a rich cream with powerful orange.
Orange Crunch Surprisingly tasty orange cereal.
Orange Drank It's sunny and delicious, but with a tropical and creamy twist.
Orange Julia Smoothies never tasted so good.
Orange Roll Sweet cinnamon bread makes this orange treat complete.
Paradisio A creamy coconut and pineapple drink.
Peach Peach. Ripe, juicy peach.
Peach Cobbler Confection inspired peach goodness with a browned crust.
Peach Italian Soda Bubbly soda with peach.
Peach Melba Raspberry and almond compliment peach in this creamy drink.
Peaches & Cream Just like grandma used to make. Peaches with sweet cream.
Peanutberry Peach, peanut butter, and marshmallow.
Pear Crumble A lighter pear fruit dessert with a nice bready quality.
Peppermint Not too strong, but definitely not weak peppermint.
Pink Donut A soft glazed donut with a strawberry frosting.
Pink Fluff Creamy cherry with vanilla.
Pink Lemonade Pink lemonade flavor.
Pistachio Bing Bong Pistachios, dark chocolate and peaches.
Pistachio Crème Pistachio forefront on a cream backdrop.
Pistachio Puffball Pistachio and lemon in a marshmallow cream.
Pixie Dust Tart sugar crystals.
Pomegranate Sweet, full bodied pomegranate fruit.
Pomegranate Custard Pomegranate in creamy custard.
Popcorn Popcorn with a diketone free butter quality.
Pouch Tobacco Bourbon kissed pipe tobacco.
Purple Mojito Mint, vodka and raspberry.
Raptor Saddle Green apple soda.
Raspberry Sweet and slightly tart raspberry.
Raspberry Tart Raspberry in folds of toasted dough.
Red Apple Similar flavor to a Washington Fuji apple.
Red Dwarf Strawberries, pomegranate, and cream.
Red Licorice A raspberry and cherry licorice.
Red Popsicle A creamsicle with a complex array of fruits.
Red Velvet Donut A classic red velvet chocolate with a donut texture.
Restingtime Tea An herbal tea blend to help you relax.
Root Beer Barrel Different than the drink, but like the old fashioned barrel shaped candies.
Rum Poached Pear Creamed rum with cranberry, orange, and pear.
RY4 Type Tobacco An early eCig favorite tobacco flavor with nutty and raisin notes.
Salted Nut Roll Salted caramel binds peanuts into a delicate log with a faint creamy finish.
Samedi's Cigar Similar to RY4 tobacco, but more earthy and with a rum twist.
Sangria Deluxington Sparkling red wine with pomegranate and citrus.
Screw Implement Vodka with orange juice, tangerine, and lemon.
Shamrock Surprise Mint and ice cream.
Sharp Cinnamon A simple and exquisite cinnamon with a sharp edge to it.
Snowball Chocolate dipped marshmallow with coconut.
Sour Apple Candy A familiar green apple hard candy.
Spearmint Spearmint. Potent but managed.
Spiced Honey A holiday spice flavor with honey to smooth it out.
Sprinkles Jimmies, Sprinkles, whichever name you like for these colored sugar bits.
Star Stuff Starfruit and vanilla cream.
Stoic Tobacco A more delicate tobacco lacking the ashy taste and presents with a floral and nutty base.
Stones II Creamy, fruity cereal.
Strawberries and Cream Heavy cream drizzled over ripe strawberries.
Strawberry Cake Vanilla cake topped with strawberry preserves.
Strawberry Champagne Bubbly champagne with strawberry juice.
Strawberry Elixir Strawberry with a twist of crushed mint and vanilla beans.
Strawberry Lemonade Lemonade with strawberries.
Strawberry Mousse Chocolate cream with strawberries.
Strawberry Panna Cotta A rice milk and cream shake with a moderate citrus and strawberry influence.
Summer Sourfloat Limes, cucumber, and raspberry in a creamy blend.
Sun Screen An intriguing flavor often used to give sunscreen a coconut and pineapple scent.
Sweet and Tart Hard, tart candies with sweetness and citrus at the forefront while having a chalky texture.
Sweet Potato Cass Light cinnamon in a sweet potato dish covered in toasted marshmallows.
Tamarind Chocolate A fruity chocolate with tamarind, lemon and pistachio.
Tangerine Pudding Tangerines dipped in vanilla pudding.
Tequila Breeze Citrus juices with a tequila kick.
Thai Fighter A feisty Thai peanut sauce with lime.
The Black Forest Black Forest cherries with marshmallow and nuts.
The Turk A bold, full flavored Turkish tobacco with hints of raisin.
Tiger's Blood An old-fashioned ice-cone flavor of coconut and strawberries with a twist of watermelon for complexity.
Tiramisu Coffee, chocolate and cream in perfect balance.
Toasted Marsh Remix A nuttier, darker roast variety of toasted marshmallow.
Toasted Marshmallow Marshmallows lightly browned over a wood fire.
Tropical Fruit A creamy mix of tropical fruits.
Upper Class Piracy Highly complex rum and cherries.
Vanilla Cream A vanilla lover's favorite: Vanilla, vanilla beans, and cream.
Vanilla Frost Creamy mint with a heavy vanilla cream.
VanTang Biscuit Tangy tangerine in a vanilla bread.
Vespar Vodka, vermouth, twist of lemon, shaken.
Watermelon Watermelon juice.
Watermelon Breeze A cooling watermelon drink.
Watermelon Rock Watermelon flavored rock candy.
West Side A vodka and lemon beverage with burnt sugar.
Whipped Cream Vodka Vodka with whipped cream.
White Chocolate White chocolate.
White Strawberry A rare strawberry variety with a tart and bright flavor.
White Witch Delight A pistachio dish with heavy vanilla cream, topped with powdered sugar.
Wintergreen Wintergreen mint.
Yellow Fruit Melon, peach, and mango.
ZERO Flavorless additive to thicken fluid.