Visits to the lab are a delicate subject, but can be arranged for serious prospective buyers with proper non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. You must be an eLiquid retailer or distributor. Visits would be specifically designed to display our production process for satisfaction, not to disseminate trade secrets. We reserve the right to refuse any visits for any reason, especially during production runs.

Blackout curtains will cover all storage shelves to maintain our right to privacy in supplier and other sensitive information. We cannot risk contamination or accidental release of information sensitive to us or our clients, and we will insist on meeting in person at your shop or office prior to any lab visitation to verify legitimate interest. This is partially intended to verify that only eLiquid retailers are allowed to view our lab and to prevent other manufacturers from obtaining any of our recipes, process, or supplier information. We take pride in what we do and are willing to satisfy clients, but our priority must be to protect ourselves first.